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today feels like a ______ kind of day.

Today feels like a macarone kind of day. It's snowing?!...and school/tutoring is winding down, so this Marie Antoinette vignette seems nothing less than perfect to me today. Could not love this idea more: Louis XVI pale blue bergere chair with feathers in my hair and french desserts everywhere. Thoughts?



mad men fashions

I have been feeling very inspired lately by the fashions, hairstyling, and sets of Mad Men. Let's face it, the 60's were something special-I could not have lived during that time, but women and men dressed so well when compared with today. I am very jealous that this was the standard then.  Mad Men has an amazing costume designer and stylist!  With watching faaaar too much Mad Men this week, I have been taking some cues from January and Christina.  I'm trying to get some ideas for modernized styling from them.  So here is some eye candy for you all from Annie Liebovitz's Vanity Fair shoot:


halloween in pink

The theme of this Halloween had to be pink. We ran Race for the Cure on Saturday of Halloween weekend, a sea of pink!  I threw together a homemade cupcake costume at the last minute for a costume party. Josh of course threw together a costume and went as Mayhem from the insurance commercials. It was a fun weekend, the costumes at that party were pretty amazing. Happy belated Halloween!


my playlist this week

Love. This. Movie. It was amazing and refreshing, Josh and I laughed the entire time, go rent it. It doesn't hurt that I love Andy Garcia and there is a cute boy on it.

My playlist for the week is all I can think about or listen to, so I'm sharing it:
  • Robyn-Dancing on my Own (Gossip Girl)
  • Robyn-Hang with Me, acoustic
  • Rihanna-Only Girl in the World
  • Florence + the Machine-Dogs Days are Over (from the Eat, Pray, Love trailer)
  • Florence + the Machine-Between Two Lungs
  • The Temper Trap-Sweet Disposition (from 500 Days of Summer)
  • + the entire Lungs album